A family can be a tremendous force for good. When family members commit their collective passion and resources to the community, the potential for impact is great – and so are the complexities. GenerUS empowers families with a personalized philanthropic strategy that connects with your passions and creates impact for generations.

Thank you to the Aggarwal and Gupta Family Foundation Fund at Central Florida Foundation for their support of GenerUS.

Philanthropy means different things to different families – and to different people within a family. GenerUS ensures that every family member feels engaged, and feels great about giving back.

Nicole Donelson
Vice President of Philanthropy

Vision Defined by Values

GenerUS begins by bringing multiple family members and generations to the table. By identifying and reflecting on your common values, we will craft a long-term vision for your giving.

Strategy Driven by Priorities

Your GenerUS strategy directs your philanthropic efforts toward the areas and causes that matter most to your family.

Impact Fueled by Engagement

Family members serve as active players, with a voice and a role in shaping the solutions that transform the community.