We believe in the power of education. Thanks to generous fund holders, the Foundation has awarded nearly $1 million in scholarships through 14 unique scholarship funds to help support students in achieving their educational and professional goals.

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Alexander Lauder W. Adams Estate Fund

Graduates of Edgewater High School

The Alexander Lauder W. Adams Estate Fund was established in 1991 to provide scholarships for graduates of Edgewater High School. Distributions from the fund provide annual scholarships.

Alpha Eagle Aviation and Science Foundation Fund

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students

The Alpha Eagle Aviation and Science Foundation Fund is a scholarship fund established to support tuition or book expenses for students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The scholarship is available to students who are members of historically underrepresented groups in aviation or the sciences. The fund was established in 2014 by Embry-Riddle alumnus Mark Giddarie (DB 98).

Beatrice B. Ettinger Scholarship Fund

Continuing education for women age 30+

The Beatrice B. Ettinger Scholarship Award was established in 1988 by the Council for Continuing Education For Women of Central Florida, Inc. The Award was established to honor one its founding members, Mrs. Beatrice B. Ettinger, who dedicated her life to the improvement of the quality of life for women. Thousands of women have been inspired and motivated by Bea, as she was respectfully known. She passed away on June 29, 2015.

The Beatrice B. Ettinger Scholarship Fund was established at the Central Florida Foundation on December 31, 2013 with the purpose to assist women in Central Florida with continuing their education, either vocationally or professionally. Download the info sheet here.

Brede-Wilkins Scholarship Fund

Individuals pursuing undergraduate degree

The Brede-Wilkins Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to individuals pursuing an undergraduate degree. Applicants must have been an employee of Village on the Green, a LifeSpace Community in Longwood, FL, completing 500 hours of work in the year June 1 through May 31 preceding college enrollment.

The initiative was initially established in 1988 by Ellen H. Brede and her brother Leonard O. Wilkins, two of the founding residents of the Village on the Green Retirement Community, and remains the crown jewel of the community. Since neither of the founders attended college, their collective intent was to provide educational scholarships to employees at Village on the Green.

Qualifications include:

  • Initial applicants must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0.
  • Renewal applicants must have a cumulative college GPA of 2.5.
  • Initial and renewal applicants must have plans to be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at an accredited post-secondary educational institution full-time.
  • Applicants must display participation in community service and extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the character and motivation to work hard and complete their educational goals.
  • For more information on how to apply, email

Earl K. Wood Fund

High school seniors, public speaking

The Earl K. Wood Fund awards an annual scholarship to high school seniors for tuition and books. Students must participate in the Earl K. Wood Scholarship contest in public speaking.

Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Fund

Children and youth in need with disabilities

The Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Fund was created in 1972 when the building and assets of the Eccleston-Callahan Memorial Hospital for Crippled Children were placed in trust to benefit needy children and youth with disabilities. The Trust was transferred to the Central Florida Foundation in 1996, and is now an endowed scholarship.

The Fund is named in memory of Dr. C.L. Eccleston, a dentist, and Dr. J.B. Callahan, a physician, both in Orlando.

Edna S. Hargrett Fund

Students of Jones High School

In 1999 an anonymous donor established the Edna S. Hargrett Fund to honor Mrs. Hargrett’s direction of the well-known Jones High School Choir. Edna taught school for 44 years with 33 of those years spent at Jones High School, helping countless students achieve performance excellence.

Distributions from the fund provide scholarships for Jones High School students to attend college and also makes an annual contribution to the Choral Music Program at Jones High School. Download the info sheet here.

Foard Award

A student from DeLand High School

The Foard Award is a scholarship fund established in memory of Betty Foard Hutchings, know as “Miss Foard” to three generations of students at DeLand High School and revered for her devoted service to the school and the wider community.

It is an annual scholarship given to a graduating student from DeLand High School who is nominated for academic excellence and public service commitment. Award recipients are selected based on criteria developed by the Foard Award Selection Committee, which is comprised of members of the DeLand community. Download the info sheet here.

Paul & Sarah Goodman Scholarship Fund

Orange Technical College

The Paul and Sarah Goodman Fund was established in 2000 with the proceeds of the estate of Paul and Sarah Goodman. Mrs. Goodman was an outstanding teacher of English in Orlando and was past president of the Florida Education Association and Mr. Goodman was also a teacher.

Their intent was to help deserving students interested in the vocational trades. The annual distribution from the fund is to be used for scholarships for high school students in need, who plan on attending technical schools, vocational schools or educational programming for adults through Orange County Public Schools. Download the info sheet here.

Robert J. Schmidt and E.S. Douglas Scholarship Fund

A dual-enrolled student from Lyman or Seminole H.S.

The Robert J. Schmidt and E.S. Douglas Scholarship Fund was established for a dual-enrolled student from Lyman High School or Seminole High School who continues his or her education at Seminole State College.

Royce B. Walden and Bert E. Roper Fund for Migrant or At-Risk Youth

Migrant or at-risk youth in Orange County

The Royce B. Walden and Bert E. Roper Scholarship Fund for Migrant or At-Risk Youth was established in honor of Royce B. Walden and Bert E. Roper who were pioneers in providing services and resources to the migrant community in Orange County.

Scholarships benefit migrant or at-risk youth who attend an Orange County public high school and have been accepted into a college, university, or an Orange County Public Schools Career & Technical Education Center.

Sally Abernethy Educational Fund

Winter Haven High School or Lake Region High School student

The Sally Abernethy Educational Fund was established upon the death of Miss Abernethy in 1978. A member of a Polk County citrus family, Ms. Abernethy attended Winter Haven High School and graduated from Agnes Scott College.

Distributions from the fund provide scholarships for students graduating from Winter Haven High School and Lake Region High School.

S. Frank and Tillie B. Poole Memorial Fund

Christian College Education

The S. Frank and Tillie B. Poole Fund was established in 1961 by Tillie B. Poole. Distributions from the fund provide scholarships for worthy young men and women in the Winter Haven area and surrounding communities of Polk County who wish to pursue a Christian college education.

The 49 Fund

Tuition for LGBT student

The 49 Fund is a scholarship fund held at Central Florida Foundation with the purpose of memorializing the 49 lives lost on June 12, 2016 during the terrorist attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The 49 Fund at the Foundation will provide tuition-only scholarships to students who self-identify as an “out” member of the LGBT community and live in Central Florida. Preference for scholarships will be given to survivors of the Pulse shooting or immediate family members of both victims and survivors of the tragedy. Download the info sheet here.